This concession is the northeast continuation of the Kamoa copper trend, which sits along the western margin of the Katangan basin adjacent the Nzilo basement uplift. Anomalous copper in soils occur along this trend for more than 15 km.
A total of 26 diamond drilling holes were completed with a total of with a total of 6163.84 cumulative meters drilled.
Two areas namely Nzilo north and Nzilo west were tested by diamond drilling. The both areas are around 15 km away from each other.

Exploration highlights include:
The intercepted mineralization generally hosted into diamictite as replacement and fractures related and the typical mineralization is chalcosite, chalcopyrite and rare malachite

    •  Nzilo north
      Down-dip drill-testing, at 900 m step-out, of the 2011 drill-hole DNZN_DD005 (35.1m @ 0.81% Cu from 47.4 to 82.5m, including 11.5m @ 1.25% Cu from 71.0 to 82.5m with 4m from78.5 to 82.5m @ 1.79%Cu and 5.2g Ag). DNZN_DD011 drilling identified two significant intervals; the first hosted toward the base of the Ki1.1, with 39.6 m @ 0.86% Cu, including 1 m @ 1.64% Cu, 2.85 m @ 2.08% Cu and 1 m @ 1.03% Cu; the second interval is hosted in Roan footwall litholigies, with 4 m @ 1.82% Cu, including 2 m @ 3.12% Cu.
    • Nzilo west
      DNZW_DD013 with 8.2m @ 1.52%, including 3.8m@ 2.5% Cu and 2.7g Ag
      DNZW_DD012: 13.3m @ 0.84% Cu including 2.8m @ 1.37% Cu and 21.5m @ 0.70% Cu
Diamond drill holes location and Geochemistry soil assays aver geological map


Cross section (southeast to northwest) from DNZN_DD011 (11.5m @ 1.25%Cu including 2.85m @ 2.08m and 4m @ 1.82% Cu including 2.85m @3.12%), DNZN_DD002 (21m @ 0.99% Cu) and DNZN_DD005 (11.5m @ 1.25% Cu including 4m @ 1.79% and 5.2g Ag) with a cut-off of 0.5% Cu. DNZN_DD011 is stepped out at 900m to DNZN_DD005


Strip log of DNZN_DD011 with type of intercepted mineralization; blebby and replacements Chalcopyrite

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