The concessions is characterized by a succession of antiforms and synforms of upper and lower Kundelugu subgroups to the northern part and by an anticline to the southern part with Roan formation (Mwashya) in the core.
The mineralization area consists of artisanal pits along the faults oriented at 272/80/N. It is carrying the interesting mineralization with 17%Cu, 0.4%Zn, 134ppb Au, 9.8ppm Ag and 32.9ppm U hosted in brecciated shaly siltstone interbedded with carbonaceous silty band with a thickness around 2 meters at the surface for 1km strike length.

1. One of artisanal pits showing activity conducted by local people under COMILEA supervising
2. Type of mineralization constituted by Cuprite and Malachite. The sulphide is as Chalcosite is observed in fresh rock.
Excavator on site for removing overburden layer to increase artisanal production.


Location of visible copper bearing on the surface

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